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Height: 4.10 m. Length: 6.95 m. Width: 2.93 m. Gauge: 2.10 m version. and 2.62 m. Wheels: gauge 2.10 m model is equipped with 12.4 x 36" tires. Gauge 2.62 m. model can be equipped with 12.4 x 36" or 12.4 x 46 "wheel. Clearance: With 12.4 x 36 " tires: 1.40m. With 12.4 x 46" tires: 1.55m.

Capacity: 3500Lts. Clean water tank capacity: 200Lts. Fuel tank: 210Lts. Working width: Available in 26m, 30m, 32m and 36m versions. Maximum boom height: 2.10 m. Minimum boom height: 0.65 m. Peaks: Quintuple ARAG brand.

Engine available: Cummins 6BTA 5.9 174HP at 2500 RPM or Cummins 6BTA 5.9 152HP at 2500RPM. Transmissions: high/low EATON gearbox with 5 speed manual shifts - model FS4205, with EATON differential with electric high / low, 43/7 ratio. Electric high / low Allison 5-speed automatic transmission with EATON differential with, 34/6 ratio with POWER SHIFT

Brakes: The standard braking system consists of four discs with two calipers, with two pistons each.

Spray pump: HYPRO model 9303C-HM5C pump with 431 l / minute hydraulic motor. Charge pump: Hypro brand model 9342P-HM5C-5SPR powered by a 757 l / minute hydraulic motor. Hydraulic system pumps: 52-liter hydraulic pump that drives the operation of the spray pump and charge pump. 38-liter hydraulic pump that controls: Steering, ladder movement, side locks, hitch, height locks, boom height, wing opening and break at 45 °. Spraying lines available: - 26 m working width wing, 5 sections of 75 nozzles at 35 cm or 50 nozzles at 52.5 cm. - 30 m working width wing, 9 sections with 85 nozzles at 35 cm or 57 nozzles at 52.5 cm. - 32 m working width wing, 9 sections of 91 nozzles at 35 cm or 64 nozzles at 52.5 cm. - 36 m working width wing, 11 sections of 103 nozzles at 35 cm or 70 nozzles at 52.5 cm.

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